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Welcome to the City of Savanna

Savanna 2016 Municipal Street Rehabilitation

Savanna WWTF Improvements

Savanna In-System Sewerage Improvements

Savanna is located along the banks of The Mississippi River and picturesque bluffs of Carroll County. Savanna is a part of the very active consolidated school district of West Carroll and is proud to support THE THUNDER WAY. We have community minded families, volunteer organizations, churches and local businesses. There are many reasons to choose the City of Savanna and Carroll County to become your new home. Let me share a few.

  1. Safe and secure small town community located on the Mississippi River along Pool 13 with three public river ramps within the city limits.

  2. Savanna Park District promotes and maintains Marquette Park, the Savanna Marina, 6th Street Park, and Old Mill Park.

  3. Home of the Mississippi Palisades State Park. A 2500 acre park with trails, camping, fishing/boating, hiking, picnicking, and rock climbing

  4. Public Schools: Consolidated school district with strong teachers, administrators, and students. Savanna hosts West Carroll Primary and West Carroll High School. For more information visit

  5. Shopping & Recreation includes: a fitness center, a jeweler, downtown retail shops, local florists, a local radio station, plus shopping opportunities that include a Shopko, Dollar General, locally owned supermarket, hotels/motels, and B&B's.

  6. Entertainment: several local taverns and pubs including a motorcycle museum, a movie theatre, performing arts venues, caf├ęs, pizza parlors, and the Savanna Cultural Center

  7. Medical amenities: 2 pharmacies, local eye doctor, dentist, chiropractor, and a FHN location all within Savanna. About 20 minutes from Mercy Hospital, a full service facility with an emergency department.

  8. Affordable and higher end housing available for sale and rent with several subdivisions with lots available to build.

  9. Pride shines throughout Savanna and is evident in our residential areas and business district.


SPRING IS HERE!! A few things that I am sure I do not need to post... but just in case!

1. It is that time of year when we need to remind ourselves to clean up our yards. All of us that have dogs know that the winter can hide some "things". Please be a good neighbor and clean up after your pets and please be sure to walk your dogs with a baggie as it is illegal to let your dog potty where he or she would like to!

2. Please clean up your yard, porch, and property debris. The winter leaves our places looking a mess and we should take pride in our homes and we need to be respectful of our neighbors. The Savanna PD and I will be stopping by to let you know that you may need to do a clean sweep. Moring will be doing a curbside pickup on April 30th (details to follow).

3. Savanna In Motion, The Savanna Chamber of Commerce and the City of Savanna will be doing a community wide pick up on April 30th and May 1st. We are asking for people to join us down town in front of the train car at 8am on April 30th to be assigned places and/or feel free to let us know that you will be taking care of your own neighborhood. This is a GREAT way to get involved, meet new people and do for the greater good!! **Don't feel you need to wait to do your part**

4. Please join the "Take a Bag for a Walk Revolution"! I have seen many community members taking walks with small bags and picking up garbage along the way! It may not seem like much to some, but I have to tell you it makes a difference, people notice and we appreciate you all!!

5. City Incentives... remember we have an exterior paint and demolition program to help spruce up your property. Contact myself or John Lindeman at City Hall for more details - 815-273-2251

Thank you for taking pride in Savanna and doing what you can to make it beautiful!
Mayor McCombie