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Mississippi River Fishing Near Savanna Illinois

The Mississippi River is 2,552 miles long. Pool 13 runs 34.2 miles from Bellevue Iowa to Fulton Illinois Carroll County Illinois borders the major portion of Pool 13.

If you like fishing, the Mississippi River in the Carroll County area is for you !!! A variety of fish inhabit the river including Walleye, Sauger, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, and several species of Catfish.

Fishing Tips for the Savanna Illinois Area:

Late March to early June

Spring is the time to follow most species into the backwaters. Most angling should take place in less that 4 feet of water and related to some sort of dead fall trees and shoreline. Most Walleye and Sauger fishing in the spring takes place in shallow rocky areas within one mile of the dam.

Mid June to late September

Most species have spawned and the river is full of forage. The weed beds continue to develop and begin forming an abundance of offshore cover. Bass, crappie and bluegill tend to associate with stumps, deadheads, and dead falls that are surrounded by weeds. Expect the fish to be anywhere within the weed areas where wood is available.

October to Mid December

This is the season for big fish of all species. Bass form tight schools and when one is caught others are close by. Concentrate on fishing long along sharp breaks or current edges that have stumps or dead fall timber.

Late December to March

Even though most of the River is frozen over, the area of strong current below Dam 12 remains open to boating. Try Walleye & Sauger here.


Savanna Marina
1 Main Street
Savanna, Illinois 61074
Phone 815-273-2955

19 - Anglers Choice  (25-40 boats)
3  Bass World (15-30 boats)
17  - Anglers Choice  (25-40 boats)
  30 Bass World (15-30)
  31 - Anglers Choice (25-40 boats)
JUNE 14  - Bass World (15-30 boats)
  28  Angler's Choice (25-40 boats)
JULY 19  - Bass World (15-30 boats)
26 - Anglers Choice (25-40 boats)

No Tournament Booking July 4th Weekend
AUGUST 9 - Happy Hookers Bass Club (15 boats)
16 - Bass World (15-30)
23 - Anglers Choice (25-40 Boats)
SEPTEMBER 13 -Bass World (15-30 boats)
  19 - Glasford Bass Club (10-14 boats) &
       Illinois Bass Federation (10-15 boats)
  20 - Glasford Bass Club (10-14 boats) &
       Illinois Bass Federation (10-15 boats)
  27 - Anglers Choice (25-40 boats)

Beautiful Scenery along the Mississippi River

The Palisades Bluffs North of Savanna Illinois
The Palisades Bluffs North of Savanna Illinois

The Delta Queen makes her way down the Mississippi near Savanna, Illinois
The Delta Queen makes her way down the Mississippi near Savanna, Illinois

Savanna Marina Information
Located in downtown Savanna on the Mississippi River, this area offers four launch ramps, annual campsites, dry dock spaces with unlimited launching privileges, wet slips and winter storage. Facility also has concession building, clean restrooms and showers, gas, pump-out, bait and more.

DAILY LAUNCH FEE $7 In‑District   $9 Out‑of‑District
$3 each day after to park
EXTRA CAR PARKING  $8 per day  

5/1-10/31 $100 In‑District $150 Out‑of‑District
Commercial Season Pass $200  
OVERNIGHT BOAT TIE UP  $20.00 boat w/o electric  $15.00 runabout w/o electric
TRANSIENT HOURLY $5 per hour up to maximum of 3 hours
PUMP OUT $15, or free with 25 gallons or more of gasoline
(free to Seasonal Slip Patrons)

CAMPSITES: $1030 (site, electric hookup, dry dock of boat on site, launch fees & winter storage) $257.50 non-refundable deposit by 10/31** of preceding year + $772.50 balance due by 3/1**
DRY DOCK: Persons reclaiming space must do so before April 1.  After April 1, spaces will be filled accordingly. Dry dock spaces will be pro‑rated after July 31.
DRY DOCK WITH LAUNCHING $205 In‑District $258 Out‑of‑District
METERED DRY DOCK WITH LAUNCHING 1st year $358 subsequent years $308
ID =In-District  OD=Out-of-Dist.
(bargewell area)
ID   $140 $ 35.00 $105.00
OD  $165 $ 42.00 $123.00
(front of HB area)
ID   $215 $ 54.00 $161.00
  OD  $245 $ 61.00 $184.00
Runabouts ID   $390 $ 98.00 $292.00
  OD  $475 $119.00 $356.00
1 finger/&
special pontoon
ID  $610 $153.00 $457.00
  OD  $730 $183.00 $547.00
26 foot slip ID   $740 $185.00 $555.00
  OD  $895 $224.00 $671.00
30-36 foot slip ID   $815 $204.00 $611.00
  OD  $985 $246.00 $739.00
(Note: *For metered electric hook-up slips, add $50 non-refundable fee to final balance due.)
WINTER STORAGE: (Effective 10/1/10 – 9/30/11)
  In-District   Out-of-District  
Property Storage Paid BEFORE Oct. 31 $140 $180 $155 $200
Property Storage Paid Nov. 1- Nov. 30 $190 $230 $205 $250

Property in storage must be removed from lot before May 10 to prepare for Marina opening. After May 10, owners will be assessed at $7.00 per day fee. Daily storage after gates are closed for ‘winter’ season is also $7.00 per day.

TRANSFER FEE - For registration purposes and liability, a $100 fee will be charged a person who purchases a camper or boat remaining at Marina from another patron. Please check with the District Office prior to finalizing any details involving a change of ownership for property remaining at Marina.

POST-SEASON SPORTSMAN PASS (Effective 10/1/12-1/15/13). Sportsman Pass Trailer Sticker $55 In-District; $90 Out-of-District; plus $50 key deposit.

CAMPSITES.  Persons reclaiming campsites must pay $257.50 non-refundable deposit postmarked by October 31 of preceding year.  The balance of $772.50 (total annual fee $1030) is due postmarked before March 1.  An additional $50 non-refundable fee will be charged for payments received between 11/1-11/30 and also for payments received between 3/1-3/31.  Payments are to be accompanied by current proof of insurance for campers and boats which will be stored on the site.  A contract must also be on file at the District Office. 

DRY DOCKS.  Persons who wish to reclaim dry dock spaces must do so before April 1 by paying amount due plus provide a copy of current insurance.   After April 1, spaces will be filled accordingly.  A contract must be on file at the District Office. There are a limited number of Metered Dry Docks.  Those who wish to be on the list for Metered Dry Docks must contact the District Office.  After launching your boat, please return your car and trailer to your dry dock space and do not park in the center lot which is for the public launching that day.

Pro-Rated Dry Docks and Runabout Slips (as-available basis). 
Full Season 5/1-10/31.

Dry Docks
ID OD Pro-Rated
Full season $205.00 $258.00 Full Season $390.00 $475.00
8/1-8/31 $102.50 $129.00 8/1-8/31 $195.00 $237.50
9/1-9/30 $  68.50 $  86.00 9/1-9/30 $130.00 $158.25
10/1-10/31 $  34.25 $  43.00 10/1-10/31 $ 65.00 $ 79.25

SLIP RENTALS.  Persons reclaiming slips must pay the 25% non-refundable deposit postmarked by October 31 of preceding year.  The balance due must be paid postmarked before March 1. An additional $50 non-refundable fee will be charged for houseboat/cruiser payments received between 11/1-11/30 and also for payments received between 3/1-3/31.  Final payments must be accompanied by proof of boat insurance and a contract needs to be on file at the District Office. If either the down-payment or final payment is not received before final deadlines, the slip will be let out to those on the waiting list.  Persons who wish to be on the waiting lists should also contact the District Office for an application form.  If there are any vacancies, runabout slips will be pro-rated after July 31.

WINTER STORAGE.  Persons may begin bringing boats into winter storage beginning October 1. Please confirm date with Marina Manager, i.e. the date may be earlier during dredging years.   For security reasons, all winter storage property must be placed in the middle of the lot.   Patrons will need to identify property (IL numbers and space) with the Manager and also tell him who is responsible for putting boat in storage and who will be removing it.  Fees must be paid before 10/31 when the marina closes for the season and gates are locked.  Persons paying after 10/31 will pay an additional $50New persons must complete a contract for winter storage. If you are currently a marina patron (camper, slip patron, or dry dock), you will not need to complete another contract.  However, all boats in storage must have current proof of insurance on file before they are stored. Boats must be removed from storage by May 10.

Savanna Marina  -
Address: 1 Main Street, Savanna, IL 61074  
Phone: 815-273-2955
Savanna Park District Office - 
Address:225 Bowen St. PO Box 329  Savanna, IL 61074
Phone:    815/273-4487  *(Answering machine 24 hours-a-day)
Fax:        815-273-4485

E-Mail: savparkdistrict@grics.net
Website:  www.savanna-il.gov