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From the office of...
The Chief of Police

Welcome to the Savanna Police Department Web Site. We appreciate your visit and hope that you find the information to be helpful and informative. This web site is a part of our commitment to make Savanna a safer place and to make the Savanna Police Department more accessible to the community.

We are excited about this web site and will work hard to provide you with information about the service we provide and what we are doing within the community. We will try to keep you up to date on crime in the community and ways to protect yourself and your family.

We are very proud of the positive impact we have enjoyed while working closely with the community to reduce crime and increase the sense of security and safety to a point that is unprecedented in recent years.

As we move swiftly into the new millennium, it is our commitment to you, that we will continue to work close with our schools, our youths, and our community. We will continue to serve the citizens of Savanna and to focus our priorities on keeping Savanna a safe and fantastic place to live.

I would like to share our Mission Statement with you. I feel this statement says it all about how our police department will continue to serve our community and how we will continue to grow with the community.

Chief Michael Moon
The Savanna Police Department Auxiliary

Do you have what it takes to become a volunteer? Here is a chance for you to give back to your community. The Savanna Police Department has an Auxiliary Police Department unit that assists the police department with many activities. The Auxiliary has assisted the Savanna Police Department with over 100 hours of service since its creation. Currently the Auxiliary consists of five volunteers who receive no compensation for their time.

A monthly meeting is held, in which a business meeting is held and then training is received in areas that the auxiliary performs. Auxiliary police officers also have a ride along program where they can ride with sworn police officers as observers.

Some of the duties that the auxiliary officers perform are: Crime Scene Protection, Traffic Control, Crowd Control, Assisting with Juveniles in Custody and processing arrests, and being called out for emergency or civil disasters. The Auxiliary Police Officers have uniforms and wear a duty belt, but are not armed and have no arrest powers. The Auxiliary provides security for civic events and raise money through donations.

The qualifications needed to join the Auxiliary Police are as follows: Minimum age of 21, valid Illinois Drivers License, no felony convictions or misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude, live within 10 miles of the city limits of Savanna, and be physically and mentally capable of performing the duties.

You can pick up an Application for the Auxiliary Police at the Savanna Police Department or by clicking here where you can print out an application for the Auxiliary Police. After completing the application you can then drop off the application at the Savanna Police Department or mail it to:

Savanna Police Department
City of Savanna
333 Chicago Ave,
Savanna, Illinois 61074

This is a photograph taken in the early 1970's of the Savanna Police Department
Row 1, L/R: Ray Shafer, Dick Guenzler, Terry Mquisten Row 2, L/R: Junior Lashelle, Rich Chapman, Virgil Keehnes, Keith Dauphin.


Golf Cart Permit

Our Mission

To provide the Citizens of Savanna with Professional Law Enforcement Services, and to provide these services with pride and integrity.

To maintain in each Officer the highest level of Integrity and Dedication.

Dedication to the Community.

Dedication to this Country.

To upholding those rights granted to every person through the constitution, enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner.

To be an Effective and Contributing Entity in the Community, working toward continually improving the Quality of life for all persons who live in, and visit the City of Savanna.

We would appreciate any suggestions, complaints, or ideas that you may have to help us better serve the community.

Sincerely, The Chief of Police
Email the Chief:
Police Non-Emergency Phone (815) 273-2246
Police Email

School rescources officer program

The Savanna Police Department began its School Resource Officer Program in the Savanna Community School System in September of 2002. Lt. Kevin Dimmick, a veteran officer with 12 years experience with the Savanna Police Department, attended training in Westchester, Illinois through NARSO (National Association of School Resource Officers) in March 2002 and became a certified SRO. Lt. Dimmick has since attended training in Rockford, Illinois in April 2003 with NARSO to become Advance SRO certified.

The SRO Program places an officer in the schools in a Triad approach:

as a Teacher; Counselor-(Mentor/Advisor; and as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Through the first year of the program a good working relationship between the school administration, teachers/staff, students and parents and the police department has flourished. Numerous programs and classes were presented for the students: in drivers education (traffic laws); health (drugs and alcohol); Kindergarten (who a police officer is and what a police officer does); Eighth grade (job shadow program); Northwest Academy (police station tour); 21st Century CLC (get to know your community); as well as numerous other classes and law related topics.

The SRO was also included, as well as participated, in several school assemblies.

The SRO program places an officer in the West Carroll School District which is comprised of three school facilities: West Carroll High School; West Carroll Primary; and Northwest Academy/Early Step Pre-school at the Savanna School District Administration building.

The Savanna Police Department SRO program is still learning and evolving and will establish a School Crime Stoppers Program in the West Carroll High School in the coming school year and hopes to advance to the West Carroll Primary School in the near future.

"I am very pleased with the Savanna Police Department SRO Program and the work we have done in the West Carroll Savanna Schools this year. I am looking forward to continuing the program and building upon the base that has been established with the teachers, students, parents, and administration."
Lt. Kevin R. Dimmick, SRO

This is a photograph of the 1937 Savanna Police Department
Left to right: Bert Plattenberger, Floyd Kunzleman, James O'Neil, Henry Truminger, Elden Graham and mascot "Skippy".